Cinch Fuel

Hassle-free Fuelling

The Cleaner, Greener, Simpler Fuel recharge alternative

Why Cinch Fuel?

Whenever there is a need for fuel on your vehicle/Equipment, it is obvious, conventionally, you need to drive to the petrol pump or fuel station and wait in the queue and get your fuel tank refilled. A lot of processes involved, isn’t it?

How does this sound?

You need to refill your fuel tank, you stay there at your place, the station comes to you with the tap of a button! Convenient, right?

We think so too

We believe that your every second, your every effort and your every resource are precious and we strive to make you save all of these through our services. Our dedicated team of people deliver fuel at your doorstep so there are reduced emissions and lower fuel wastage. In a way, we also contribute to less jamming of vehicles on the road, especially outside petrol pumps. Our team is waiting to serve you so that you can have a sigh of relief after the long day’s work. A smile on your face on seeing a full tank – that is our reward!

Cinch Fuel

Save Time

The time needed to drive to and from the fuel station


Save Energy

Save it for all better things in life!


Save Fuel

Cut down the fuel needed to drive to a station


Save Money

Minimal charges for delivery


Save the planet

Minimize your daily carbon footprint


Stay Safe

No fear of unknown remote locations

Your safety is our priority – We’re compliant and secure

If you have a company and want to keep them safe by evading trips to the petrol pump, you can count on Cinch Fuel.

Strategy &Planning

Insurance plan

We offer coverage of up to 1 Lakh rupees for commercial auto and pollution insurance.

UI & UXWeb Design


We comply with all the regulations chartered for on-demand fuelling operations.

Social MediaOptimization


We believe in a greener environment and contribute by minimizing trips to and from conventional gas pumps.

PR & Online Outreach


We have a team of highly trained personnel who have undergone safety training and are certified professionals.

Google Marketing through Adwords and SEO

Accurate weights
and measure

We use only advanced meters that are approved by PESO for dispensing of fuel volumes. You can be sure about accuracy and guarantee.

PR & Online Outreach


We are licensed and certified to transport and deliver fuel by oil marketing companies.

Our happy clients

We’re happy to see you smile!

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