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How do we deliver fuel?

Cut the hassle of calling up and arranging a vehicle to obtain fuel, because we are here to deliver it to you right at your doorstep in just a click of a button.

We are a bunch of passionate people who want to make our customers’ lives easier and convenient. We face all kinds of challenges just to make sure you never run out of fuel no matter what hour of the day it is. Because you deserve the best service when it comes to fuel delivery. We maintain a full stack of fuel and deliver to corporates, apartments, construction sites, agriculture, individual and emergency purposes. Our process is a greener initiative to save CO2 emissions after every fill.

about us

Cinch Fuel believes in innovation coupled with strategy. Cinch Fuel invites passionate dreamers to join our league of innovators to make this planet a better place to live.

An idea becomes a reality when innovators and executors challenge uncertainties. We do not rest until its done, so the world can have a better tomorrow. Stop not! Is our ideology and we will ensure your vehicles keep running, as well.

Fuel delivery made easy sparked off as a single thought, lighted our lives and ignited countless others’. Each day, Cinch Fuel is humbled by the response and the countless happy smiles which light our lives. We hope that you will join us on this beautiful journey for a better world




Our trucks counterbalance all the emissions released in the environment.

Here’s how?

Our sophisticated supply chain is far more efficient than conventional petrol pumps. We have formulated ways to use less fuel during deportation, and we guarantee leakage-proof delivery. The groundwater polluting tank is completely scaled-down with us.



Groundwater contamination is considerably reduced due to low vapour emissions

Here’s how?

Cinch fuel actively participates in initiatives that capture emissions from landfills. This in turn isolates methane which is far more potent than CO2.



0.635 Kgs of CO2 emissions are abridged on every fill

Here’s how?

We make hundreds of trips every day to parking lots to save litres of fuel burnt by vehicles to reach fuel stations. We also prevent congestion at petrol pumps. Additionally, you save your vehicle from unnecessary wear and tear.

Our happy clients

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